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Send a Parcel to Australia from only £28.82

Send a Parcel to Austalia

Use this website to send a parcel to Australia. You are able to grab a cheap quote on parcel delivery to Australia on any parcel between 1kg and 500kg. No matter how awkward it is, we will send any parcel to Australia, whether its large or heavy parcels.

By using the 'Quick Quote' feature at the top of the page, this site allows a quick and easy quote for your parcel to Australia. Simply enter the weight and dimensions in the box.

Sending a parcel to Australia

Estimated delivery time: 2 - 5 days

Urgent parcels: 2 - 4 days

Cheapest option: 2 - 5 days

Couriers: WPS, UPS and DHL

Book your parcel to Australia before noon and receive same day collection!

Help and Support when sending to Australia

You can place an order quickly and efficiently to Australia when using our 'Quick Quote' box. If you need assistance at any time with your parcel to Australia, use our contact page above for help and guidance. It is our job to get you parcel delivered to Australia on time, with the aim of pleasing every time.

Import from Australia to the UK

Looking to import from Australia? A lot of UK family reside in down under and you can now import direct to the UK. We offer cheap and affordable services, using major couriers to import from Australia. 

Importing the UK from Australia has never been easier. Simply change the 'collection country' to Australia in the Quick Quote menu above and the destination country will automatically change to the UK.

Once the parcel delivery details have been entered you will receive a free price. Whether you are looking to import heavy or large parcels from Australia, we can give you a quote instantly.

Our partners: UPS Logistics, DHL, and Interlink Express